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Clear Tarps for winter preparations: Clear tarps let the sunshine in and protect the parrots from the cold north wind.
Mixed nuts in the shell: Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamia, Pistachio & Brazil nuts: Nuts provide nutrition and healthy fats especially during the winter season
Shop Kroger Community Rewards. Enroll your Kroger Card online at www.krogercommunnityrewards.com & select Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary as your non profit and Kroger will donate to us! 
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Visa & Master Card Gift Cards & Checks to help with the everyday expenses to maintain the aviaries.
Mail to:
Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary
27708 Tomball Parkway #135
Tomball, Texas 77375
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​God has given me this job of taking care of these wonderful creatures who live forever so any help is appreciated.
Thank you for your support
Sharon Markland
Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary -Exotic Parrot Rescue

Help Mr. P



Mr. P Update! If you need an end of the year tax write off please consider donating to help with Mr. P’s medical expenses. Our sweet Mr. P has gone thru 2 rounds of weekly laser treatments. A total of 12 weeks! Poor guy! Even though he gets his favorite burrito & french fries after each visit he is none to happy, he knows when he is in his carrier where he is going! His last laser treatment is Tuesday after Christmas. Unfortunately the recent CT scan at Texas A&M university teaching hospital was inconclusive and he needs a MICRO CT Scan. The Micro CT  Scan equipment is a new machine. They have only used it on 3 parrots. We are so hopeful that this new technology will show why he cannot open his beak. . It's been a long haul for Mr. P.  He may need surgery or have to eat soft foods for the rest of his life. The Micro CT Scan  is $600.00 and if he has to have surgery we are estimating $1200 to $1500. We have started a gofundme for help with Mr. P’s bills. If you can help with a small donation it would mean the world to Mr. P! All the previous and current treatments, medications & hospital costs have added up to $1300.00.  Our medical funds are depleted. Every  donation will go directly to pay for the Micro CT Scan on January 19th, medications and surgery.
Thank you so much for your help!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.