Goffin cockatoo was thrown away in a dumpster and left for dead. Est. age is 25








Wally is a sulfur cockatoo.
Hurricane Ike rescue from 2008. He was left outside in a cage, while the water line was 10 inches from the top of his cage. Age is unknown.






Paco & Ringo

Paco Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot & Ringo a conure. Lived together for 35 yrs. Relinquished by their elderly owner. Approximately 40 years old.







Bob a blue Front Amazon is 57 yrs old, wild caught, sold over and over again. We are his 11th home and his last home.








Doc & Pretty Bird

Doc 35 yrs old, Pretty Bird 45 yrs old. Orange Wing Amazons. Arrived in 2003. Rescued from a home where the owner has passed away and was not found for a week.







Mr. P

Mr. P, a 25 year old goffin cockatoo was relinquished by his owner. He had been living alone in a room because of excessive screaming.

When he came to us he had a sore on his cheek and he could only eat through a small opening on the side of his beak.
In the past year and a half he has had 2 surgeries on both sides of his beak, Micro CT scans, medications, months of physical therapy and laser treatments. The surgeon at Texas A & M determined he had been bitten by a dog and had massive scar tissue from an old infection. He even grew an extra bone to try and compensate for the injury.

Today he can play with toys, shred paper and open his beak more! He is still going to the vets twice a month for physical therapy and laser treatments.

We refer to him as our million dollar baby! LOL Because his medical expenses are just shy of $9000.00