Angel that Walks the Earth

- Juls
Good morning! My dear wonderful friend Sharon Marie Markland is a angel that walks this earth. She owns an Avian Rescue Sanctuary and goes to the ends of the Earth in helping medically, feeding, homing, loving many many birds that are in need of a loving & mentally stimulated home. Sharon is beyond dedicated in the name of love and has made this her life mission. These are not just birds but animal children, very much a part of family. My, "Peaches", came from Sharon's beautiful rescue & oh she so cares beyond words for these babies. I was beyond ecstatic to receive my beautiful baby from Sharon and grateful from the bottom of my heart. What helps Sharon to keep going financially is our donations. So I'm asking everyone to please find it in your heart to donate whatever you can give $$$$$ to help her keep the love going. Her adorable & wonderful Brother Rick, makes bird toys as well & sells them. If you're in need of bird toys, go no further, he has scores of WONDERFUL toys. Please help Sharon keep this love by donating and feel free to contact her to let her know you have a fantastic gift for these beautiful souls. Also please share this message to keep the love going in helping financially. Our gifts is what helps her help them. Love you to the moon Sharon & Rick♡♡

A parrot sanctuary is her labor of love

- Brenda
A little over a year ago I adopted a special needs parrot and so my journey into the big wide world of birds began. I soon learned of a local sanctuary “Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary” and in my desire to learn all there was to know about parrots (to help my own bird) I contacted them. The founder, Sharon Markland, invited my husband and I out for a tour and my heart was cracked wide open. I could not believe how hard one woman can work daily to care for and nurture over 145 exotic parrots, most of them abandoned, surrendered and coming from unspeakable neglect and abuse. Sharon, who has 35+ years experience with parrots, has a heart of gold and works tirelessly to provide a home for these lovely creatures to feel safe and loved. I was so taken with these birds that Inbegan volunteering in the special needs building (my passion) and Sharon has taken me under her wing, so to speak, to teach me the world of parrots. One particular parrot I visited weekly, an amazon named Buttercup, quickly developed a very special relationship and bond with me over the months. Each week we grew closer and closer and to my delight my husband and I were able to adopt Buttercup this past August. Sharon and the sanctuary have blessed our lives beyond measure and I know she does the same for the hundreds of birds that have come to her sanctuary. I feel fortunate to be able to volunteer for such an incredible lady weekly; giving baths and treats to her exotic birds. Sharon is an angel on earth. *This is a photo of me and my Buttercup, who has brought so much life into our home. Thank you, Sharon. xx

How She Saves Life

- Emilee
A year and a half ago I adopted a 13 year old cockatoo. I put her on Instagram and she quickly gained followers with her funny personality. Through Instagram I met many people. One being Sharon, the owner of Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary. I finally decided to take a day and drive 3 hours to visit the sanctuary. The first time I went my emotions hit me on how dedicated this amazing woman was to saving the lives of these helpless birds. She puts her heart, sole, and even personal money into this amazing place. A place where birds who were at one time unloved, forgotten, abused, and abandoned now have a place to call home. A place where someone understands their every need. A place with a woman who will give her all just to let them live happily. She not only takes them in she makes them special food and toys. She doesn't Vacation like the rest of the world because her life is there taking care of the babies she rescues. There aren't my people in the world who would give up so much just for a bird. People don't realize that it takes 10 times more to rescue a bird who understands and has a harder time trusting. She is truly an inspiration, an angel, and my idol. I believe she deserves this so she can continue to give these babies what they need and deserve. Please consider giving her the opportunity to save more lives.