Mr. p & what he taught us about

Life, Compassion, Forgiveness, Trust, Love, Kindness & Bravery

This  is our dear friend who nursed & took care of Mr. P after his 1st surgery & made this video!

Mr. P's Story

25 year old Golfin Cockatoo

When Mr. P was surrendered he  had an overgrown beak and a sore on his cheek. I got him all settled in his new cage with lots of toys, food and comfy perches in the special needs building. He was very friendly but he didn’t move around or play with his toys.  Then I watched him take a piece of food and put it in the side of beak.  I looked at his beak very closely and saw that he put the food in a small opening on that side of his beak.  He could not open his beak to eat, play or climb!  Mr. P’s journey to wellness begins.  Many vet visits (too many to count) laser treatments, multiple medications for months and micro CT Scans.  His jaw  was locked up due to an old infection that had left massive scar tissue.  He had two very delicate surgeries at Texas A&M.  His surgeons were hopeful that the first 3 hour surgery would fix his beak but soon after the surgery his jaw was starting to lock again even with physical therapy every day for 17 days.  So he had to go back to Texas A&M  for another 3 hour delicate surgery on the other side.  

His treatments lasted nearly 2 years. Throughout all of this he remained sweet, funny and full of life!

A New Beginning!  He can eat, play and climb.  His favorite human game is catch with cups, bottle tops and paper!  He is an amazing strong joyous soul!  On a cautious note, the surgeon determined that his injury was from a dog bite.  He said he had seen many before.  So just be careful with your pet family! It can happen by accident. 

Mr. P is one tough bird and watching this sweet guy go through all of this was really hard but he taught me so many things about life, compassion, forgiveness, trust, love, kindness and bravery.  He will forever be our hero! 

We are forever grateful for Mr. P's medical team:

Dr. Stephen Fronfield, DVM, DABVP Avian & Staff @ABC Animal & Bird Clinic

Dr. Scott Echols, DVM, Dipolmate, ABVP Avian @Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Sharman Hoppes, DVM, DABVP Avian & Staff @Texas A&M Avian Exotic Hospital 

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