DJ&T Foundation


We are so grateful for the support we receive from this amazing organization! 

GreaterGood®  empowers people around the world to affect positive change by making  ordinary online actions extraordinary. When you shop at a GreaterGood  store, or take other actions at one of our cause sites, you generate  funding (free to you!) that benefits people, pets, and the planet. 

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DJ&T Foundation


It’s estimated that  there are hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs and cats wandering the  streets of Houston. In addition to the suffering homeless animals  endure, the costs to our community are staggering. 

 Our mission is to end  homelessness and suffering of companion animals and elevate their status  in society. We envision a world where companion animals do not suffer  and are valued by society.

DJ&T Foundation

DJ&T Foundation

DJ&T Foundation

moluccan cockatoo parrot

We are so grateful to the foundation for their continuing support to provide the best homes for our residents.

  • Special Needs Building
  • Cockatoo Aviary
  • Parrot Aviary under construction


parrot toys

"Where Birds Rule"


We here at Mighty Bird are devoted to the well-being of all our feathered friends big and small. We strive to make fun and safe toys at a reasonable cost. All of our products are hand made in a bird free environment. 

The staff at Mighty Bird wants to thank you for stopping by and taking a BEAK! Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions or concerns. 


The Parrot Posse

The Parrot Posse, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose supporters help thousands of parrots in need across the United States every year
The Parrot Posse is unique:  while many of our supporters are actively involved in parrot welfare,  The Parrot Posse itself is neither a shelter nor a rescue.  Instead, we  help save parrots by helping rescues and sanctuaries on a regular basis,  and by providing nationwide emergency support during natural disasters  and law enforcement seizures. We are all volunteers, with no salaries,  and virtually no overhead expenses.