Seizure in Spring Texas 2020

african grey parrot

Magnificent Seven

Recently the authorities seized many animals from horrific hoarding conditions.  We are working hard to provide all the care, love, nutrition and vet care so they will be able to live their best life!

Gabby's Journey

If he could tell us what he has seen and what he has endured throughout his lifetime we could tell his life story. He was seized from a horrible place so Gabby's life story begins anew with us.

When I picked him up, even for me it was shocking to see his broken beak and I wondered how he could even eat. Immediately I knew that he needed a protector and I promised Gabby in that moment that I would do everything humanly possible to give him a good life.

For a few days I let him rest and eat before taking him to the vets. He has had so much trauma that he needed some peace in a safe loving environment.  Gabby eats everything I put in front of him! Bananas, shelled walnuts, apples and vegetables. Remarkably he has figured out how to eat with a severely damaged beak! 

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